New Application Process

Some of you may be aware that we’ve made changes to the PCEO application process. The application now includes two additional questions, and Slack is now mandatory for new applications. A number of considerations led us to implement this decision:

1) Since the release of Gunrunning, we have been inundated with new applications. We suspect a large portion of these applications are due to the playlist glitch for a solo lobby being patched.
2) Despite repeated PSAs and friendly requests, many members still fail to kick randoms from PCEO sessions, and people continue to insist on working solo in busier lobbies. This is why the additional questions specifically target these concerns.
3) We continue to deal with too many complaints about crew-on-crew killing, destroying cargo (because “i didnt know it was a PCEO lobby”), and other similar breaches of our rules, despite them being written in plain English.

All of the above factors led us to the conclusion that it needed to be made more difficult to join PCEO. We want people that know, understand and follow the rules, NOT, people that join simply so they can run solo for hours on end without a thought given to fellow members. In that regard, we are also reviewing the way in which we deal with current members that consistently fail to observe the above considerations. To be clear, we are not concerned with the quantity of members, but the quality of members. Everybody is free to apply, but not everybody is free to join.

If you have a friend that is struggling to get the answers to the questions right, think about what the best practice is for kicking randoms, and dealing with solo players.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact an Admin to discuss further.

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